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Study for the roof of a shopping market

Kesennuma reconstruct project
I have been considering a model of a shopping market how to design to roof on top of the corridor. In order to design a building where in coast nearby, the design feels the sea and the wind, and let everyone who pass the front of shopping market to would be able to feels like coast.
The requirement is for the roof shape's design will be as possible as feels lightly to see the roof like a wind. However, making it with membrane structure. It's quite hard to make a model depends on force of tension.
Bellow the first one, simple form and looks rhythmical,but possibility rain leaks and fall down to the corridor due to the empty space side of the roof. Another one is improved to be able to prevent the raining,because the roof would be continuous and seamless. 
understanding the roof of form with HP shell proceed by making a model, it's difficult to understand on the drawing.    
broken image
broken image